Saturday, December 10, 2011

2 Pillars Church News

Building Update 2 Pillars, Lincoln, NE
Beginning this past April, myself along with a few others (Adam, Cheech, Matt, Zach) began the quest for searching for a new home for 2 Pillars Church.  We have been growing and continue to grow and while The 815 has been a great place for us to start, it is not a long-term home for us as a church.
Since April, I have personally been through 17 buildings in the downtown Lincoln area.  I’ve looked at scary basements and 100-year old churches and everything in between.  We’ve pursued two buildings in particular for two-months each that ended up falling through.  It’s been a long, trying, but sanctifying process.
All of this searching has led to a building that we are quite serious about at this time.  The following information was conveyed during our members meeting last Sunday and is being conveyed here and expanded upon to all who call 2 Pillars Church their home.
At this time, we are intentionally pursuing the building at 1430 South Street (corner of 15th and South) as the next home for 2 Pillars Church (aka the Cedars Building).
The space we are looking at is roughly 10k square feet.  It would provide an auditorium area that would seat 280.  It will have a lobby/exchange area, dedicated (and non dungeon-esque) children’s ministry area, as well as offices, a large kitchen, meeting space, and bathrooms that are not behind the stage area.
While this building is not immediately downtown, we feel confident that God will continue our presence there through doors he has opened with reaching artists via our now involvement with the Grand Manse Gallery as well as the relocation of our work with Artists on the Edge to Indigo Bridge Bookstore (the Sorilla GC continues to head up all of these efforts in both the Manse and Indigo).  In other words, we will continue to engage and work with local artists through doors God has opened and will continue to open for us.
Additionally, throwing shows will continue for us as the Grant GC continues that work in the new space once we, Lord willing, get settled there.
I want to use this opportunity to again reinforce that 2 Pillars Church is not a building, it is a people.  Buildings are tools for mission.  They are necessary tools, but it is not the church.  We are the church.
This new building will give 2 Pillars Church a home-base on a high-traffic street and will place us directly on the invisible (but present) social-econmoical dividing line of South Street.  It further connects us into a neighborhood and expands our opportunity for mission.
Let me be clear – this move is about one thing and one thing only: mission.
This is not, “if we build it, they will come.”  It is about, “He has built, and we must go.”
This is a great opportunity for us as a church to continue the mission that God has put in front of us to reach the unreached for Christ and transform the city of Lincoln by loving God and loving people.
I ask at this time that you all be in prayer for us as we continue to pursue this new space.  Pray for the people that live in the area and neighborhoods directly surrounding this new building.  Pray for unity for us as a body as we continue to move forward on the mission God has given us.  Pray also for clarity and wisdom as we continue to pursue this from a financial and strategic angle.
Again, all of the above was conveyed last Sunday at our members meeting.  In addition, we spent some time doing Q&A during that meeting as well helping to answer any and all questions that the members of this body may have regarding this move.
Last Wednesday we held a prayer gathering outside of the Cedars building.  Thank-you to those of you who turned out for that.
This coming Monday evening, I will be walking through the building with a group of tradesmen and other key individuals from 2 Pillars whose input, experience, and expertise is valued as we look at this building.
On Tuesday morning, I will hold a financial and strategic meeting with our Financial Team as well as a few other business-savvy and entreprenurial-minded folks as we look at the long-term financial and strategy impacts of this decision.
The final decision on this move will rest ultimately on me and the 2 Pillars Church External Advisory Board.
I state all of that to ask for prayer for all of those involved.  Pray for wisdom and discernment for myself and those who have been brought into the process.
It is my hope and prayer that we are able to get to a signed lease agreement on this building before the end of the year.  From there, we expect an 8-week renovation process to begin landing us in the space sometime in March.  
In addition to all of that; however, we are attempting to work with the building owner to allow us to get into the auditorium area much sooner than March (perhaps mid-January) so that we can begin meeting and worshiping there in early 2012.  
Thanks for traveling together on all of this.  Please continue to pray for unity and God’s favor on this whole thing and continue to live out the gospel, in community, and on mission together as we march forward on mission for our Lord Jesus.
Pastor Todd.

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