Wednesday, October 26, 2011

To many words

Church planters, pastors and leaders like to hear themselves talk. We talk as if our speaking will help people understand our vision better. That may not be as true as we think. Will Mancini in Church Unique said the following about the amount of words we us.
"Leaders of today must learn how to deliver meaning by distilling what they say.
To illustrate this point, consider an historic event designed to memorialize the soldiers who lost their lives in the American Revolutionary War. The year of the memorial was 1863, and the event planner secured one of the greatest orators of the day to be the keynote speaker. His name was Edward Everett. That day, Everett spoke for two hours and delivered an address that consisted of 13,607 words. The president, Abraham Lincoln also spoke that day. He got on and off the platform so fast that the photographer didn't have time to take his picture. The Gettysburg Address was 286 words in length. This perfect distillation and articulation hit the bull's-eye of the nation's heart. Today his words still echo in the lives of millions of Americans. Fewer words had further reach."

Do I need to say more?

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